Katie Liew

Katie Liew

After being made redundant, Katie decided to take time off and travel to Africa and developing countries, where she was able to grasp the meaning of poverty in its truest sense. Here, she rediscovered her passion for volunteering, social justice, and international aid.
All the wrong turns she’d made in her career as an accountant, was soon discovered to be a blessing in disguise, and now dedicates her time to The Underground Collaborative.

Thank you for joining us on our journey.

Meet Our Supporters

Our partnerships have been integral in making Ground+Co a reality; to help break the cycles of homelessness through using coffee to train, empower and employ those most marginalised and creating long-term and sustainable change. The contributions from our partners and supporters change lives.

Our partners, whether they be corporate partners, major donors, trusts and foundations or individuals support us in many ways, and Ground+Co simply could not exist without them.

Thank you.